2 Responses to “Extreme Cold Conditions”

  1. TJ says:

    So true. Cold weather will ruin you in a heartbeat. I tried making fire by hand when it snowed. Hands were almost usless after 5 minutes.
    The candle or oil lamp, or alcohol lamp would be an awesome source for a starter.

  2. TJM says:

    Packing a fire starter always just makes sense. Our favorite is the one I started making in Boy Scouts – the paper egg carton with its cups stuffed with tiny twigs/shavings/chain saw chips/etc and filled with melted wax. Make sure the wax is hot enough to “wet” the paper carton and that will keep the carton from getting wet. When cold, you have a dozen easily separated, clean, waterproof, easily lit, 5 minute hot burning fire starter. This starter can be bounced around in the bottom of your pack, leave nothing but wax smudges on the fabric and be ready for immediate use.
    I have a old crock pot that heats the wax flamelessly and to an adequate temperature. Between manufacturing sessions, I collect old candles and toss them into the crock pot for storage until the next session. They make nice gifts for your camping friends.

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