4 Responses to “Ketchup (Catsup) Soup – No Money Meal”

  1. michael nagy says:

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  2. Ron says:

    An age old recipe! Done this many a time when needing a quick snack.

    There is a problem with some modern foods though – they may not be REAL food.

    Case in point is the high fructose corn syrup that is in many items these days, including ketchup. That stuff is poisonous and responsible for many of the health problems people have today.

    Also, is Ramen really food? Last year I threw a dish-full outdoors and it is still there. No animals have eaten it! They do not recognize the stuff as food!

  3. Danny says:

    Here is a old recipe from my grandma in the old country.

    Poor Man’s Spaghetti Sauce:
    Heat up a little (bacon) fat, slightly brown a teaspoon of onion, sprinkle with flour, add 1/2 cup of water and ketchup to taste.
    It’s not half bad and a great way to clean out the almost empty ketchup bottle.

    We have freeze dried onions and tomato powder from http://www.srmarketplace.com in our long term food storage so we’ll be having a variation of poor man’s pasta a LOT when TSHTF.

  4. mm says:

    on time i went to some kind of outside museum with my family and there i learned how to make some nice tea.
    the things you need are:
    honey blossom (not necesarry or replaceable by honey)
    mint(not necesarry or replaceable by a pepermint)
    stinging nettle

    just put the amount that you like in a pot and boil it till it’s nice and warm.

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