Turtle Island Preserve’s Families Learning Together 2019

Fire Roll InstructionTurtle Island Preserve (located in Boone, NC) lives and teaches traditional and sustainable living skills and methods. I was initially invited by Eustace Conway, the founder, to demonstrate some of my primitive and survival skills and over the last eight years I have enjoyed spending time with the staff, volunteers, and attendees at different events. This year at the annual Families Learning Together event I focused on a single demonstration of “the fire roll” method of creating fire-by-friction.

I’ve just been reacquainted with this fire-by-friction method recently and enjoy the simplicity and ease-of-use to create an ember/coal so I wanted to share it with others, enabling them to try it out for themselves. Folks who tried it were delighted with how quickly they could create a coal that could be placed into a tinder bundle to create fire. The more hefty the firecrafter the quicker the ember would be created when a person’s weight over the top board would cause greater friction when passed over the tinder roll.

UNC-TV Interview At Turtle Island PreserveIn the course of the day some videographer’s from UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina arrived to capture footage for the program North Carolina Weekend (Airing Thursdays, at 9 PM, on UNC-TV) and I was able to demonstrate this fire-by-friction method as well as shared my thoughts on Turtle Island Preserve, Families Learning Together, and Eustace Conway. I was glad to give a positive report!

It is always fun to share my knowledge and skills but just as importantly to learn from others who have come to share their knowledge and experiences. I highly recommend this annual event as a destination for you, your family, and friends next year. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

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