Christmas Ornaments – from sad, to glad

About this time of year you can see Christmas Tree lots sprouting up everywhere. You may have already purchased your tree and decorated it. Inevitably, during the Holiday Season, a falling glass bobble will “bite the dust” and crack upon impact with the floor, furniture or other hard object. At first this can be a sad occasion, but to the innovative mind, a mirrored interior might be thought of as a new “survival” tool.

Yep, this concave semi-sphere has a focal point that is quite effective. By aiming the open interior toward the sun, you can use a dark fibrous tinder to create a coal. I recently found a broken ornament and decided to practice this method. Although the sun’s rays are at their weakest around Winter Solstice, I was able to ignite my tinder, even in sub-freezing weather. Quite a feat for such a small device. Well, needless to say, this achievement made me glad. So, don’t be sad when your ornament falls. Give this solar method a try and you’ll be “glad” when smoke begins to rise from your tinder and you pull it away with a glowing ember.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments – from sad, to glad

  1. Seems like an awesome improvisation! What kind of dark, fibrous tinder would you recommend?

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