Simple Test For Eggs

When I was a young lad, my Great-Aunt who was a Missionary in Ethiopia came to the States while on furlough to attend our family reunion. She shared with us some of the experiences that she had in the village where she lived. Her lifestyle was very simple as she blended with the indigenous people whom she served. One of the tasks in her week was to shop for food at the village market. She shared that they would carry a bucket of water in which to put eggs in order to tell if they were fresh or rotten. If they sank, they were fresh. If they floated, they were rotten. The villagers noticed this procedure and were disappointed when they didn’t make a sale. So, they improvised by boiling their eggs so that they would all sink. Once my Great Aunt discovered this tactic, she would first spin the eggs to find out if they were boiled solid or not. If they spun freely, they were boiled, but if they didn’t spin easily, they were left unaltered. She could then proceed with the floating test. These two tests led them to suitable eggs for their meals. If you find yourself in a similar situation, when your eggs don’t come from a grocery store, it’s good to know these tests to protect yourself from spoiled or tampered eggs.

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3 thoughts on “Simple Test For Eggs

  1. Always check your eggs when not from a store. It is not a nice day when you go to crack an egg open and a partially developed bird is in it. Kinda ruins the meal

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