Caldwell County Safety Fair

Survivaltek is all about “Teaching the Ways and Means to Survive” and hopes to illustrate creative ways to overcome the loss of conventional methods of living in which we have become accustom and dependent. This would be particularly relevant in the event of a natural disaster. The Caldwell County Safety Fair this year focused on “Preparedness” as their theme and I was invited to participate as an exhibitor.

I was scheduled to set up my teepee outside where I could perform firecraft and cooking, but there was a driving rain all the way to the fairgrounds where the event was being held. Although teepees are portable shelters, they don’t store well when wet, so I was not inclined to set it up when I wouldn’t be able to let it dry out with eventual sunny weather. I spoke to the event coordinator about the possibility of setting it up inside the exhibition hall, and to my delight, there was both height and space available.

In lieu of a campfire, I decided to perform Flint and Steel fire making demonstrations using my fire tray as my portable campfire pit. I had invited a family friend, Jeremiah, to join me for this event to assist in handling equipment and interfacing with attendees. After several demonstrations, he was able to take a turn and was able to make his first Flint and Steel fire. Way to go! He also provided the photo for this blog.

I appreciated the opportunity to share my passion. If you are able to attend any of the events that I post in my calendar, I would love to have you contact me during your visit so that we can meet and chat.

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One thought on “Caldwell County Safety Fair

  1. Wished I would have made that one. Gonna try to make it to MerleFest to see your demo.
    Thanks for all your work on this website

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