Floss Fishing

Floss Fishing EDCIf you have visited your dentist lately you may have received a small sample-sized container of floss. They come in small plastic boxes or in some cases a coin sized metal container. In either case these fit comfortably in your pocket as an Every Day Carry (EDC) item. They come with some very strong cordage – some as tape and some as fiber. The cordage may be up to twelve feet in length. The cordage inside can be completely withdrawn and tied onto a pole for conventional fishing. Alternatively you can tie it on to a soda can to spool off for casting or tie a slip knot on the end and slip it onto your finger or wrist.

Take your floss kit to a local sports department to see what hooks and sinkers will fit inside the container and if possible look for flies or plastic nymphs too. Remember that there is no substitute for live bait such as bugs or worms that you can acquire in the field. Floats such as sticks or buoyant trash can also be acquired in the field.

Although I think in terms of emergency use, it can also be available in spare moments when a fishing opportunity presents it’s self just for fun. The photo above shows my catch using floss fishing this morning having tied the floss on my finger and jigged the lure. I used green colored floss with a leaded jig hook and a mini tail tube lure. The bass was caught off of a dock on my first cast. Give it try… you’ll love it!

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