Trash Talk About Lures…

I recently took a friend fishing with me and I grabbed a couple of fishing poles and a few tackle boxes. Inside one of the tackle boxes I came across an old friend… an experimental lure. This particular lure came about as a result of opening a gallon sized milk container by removing the pull-tab that released the lid. The pull-tab was red and at first glance resembled a worm. This fascinated me and I wondered if fish would think the same thing. So, I set about to attach some treble hooks and a swiveled clasp. I went to a private pond with stocked fish… this alleviates fishing laws and seasonal limits to worry about. I can’t remember if I caught a fish on the first cast, but I did catch the first fish, and, with great satisfaction. I’ve heard that there is an annual competition using fabricated Coke soda cans. And, I wonder what other “trash” items could be used to fabricate fishing lures as well. I would like to invite you to share your stories about lures that you have made from various items. If you Include a photo of your lure, I’d love to post it in a future blog so that we can all enjoy your experiences and creativity.

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One thought on “Trash Talk About Lures…

  1. One that is gaining popularity is a folded in half bottle cap. Add some bbs for noise makers, an o-ring to one end and a hook to the other. Look up bottle cap fishing lures on youtube.

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