Weather conditions can effect many things, especially if you are outdoors or plan to travel. Understanding how weather systems work, and how to foretell eminent weather conditions can be a great asset in preparing for it. We will discuss these things in greater detail, but first, here are some WEATHER PROVERBS:
Red sky at night – sailors delight
Red dawn at morning – sailors warning
Macrel scales and mares tails
make lofty ships carry low sails
When the ditch and pond offends the nose
look for rain and stormy blows
when the grass is dry at morning light
look for rain before the night
- and -

when the dew is on the grass
rain will never come to pass
When there is a ring around the moon
rain or snow is coming soon
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3 thoughts on “Weather

  1. RUS
    Если чайка села в воду- жди хорошую погоду.
    Чайка бродит по песку- моряку сулит тоску. [YaHoo! Babel Fish Text Translation: RUS if the seagull of village into the water wait a good weather. Seagull wanders along the sand to seaman it promises the melancholy]

  2. I have used the “red skies at night” phrase for many years and can’t ever remember it to be wrong – thanks for the others, they’ll come in handy…

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