Survivaltek is the creation of Ken Youngquist, a guy who from his youth was captivated by primitive living skills, and in his adulthood, was intrigued by the television Series MacGyver. The result has been the study and practice of survival skills, and the desire to pass on the mantle of preparedness to others.

Over the years Ken has been priveledged to appear in various forms of media that include newspapers, magazines, webcasts, and television. Sub-menus to this page include links to some of these events that may be of interest to you which more fully describe Ken’s perspective and personality.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ken. Love the site. I can’t wait to spend more time & dig into it more. I added this to my favorites! great talking with you today!

  2. Hi Ken, I found your web site yesterday….woooow congratulations I´m scout from México, thanks for sharing your experiences.


  3. Hi Ken, it was good to meet you at the Apple Festival in N. Wilkesboro today…great website! This will be a frequent visiting place for me. Tons of great info…thanks!!


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