Although there are many good camping and survival products available on the market, it’s good to know how to do things with available resources. I will be developing some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects that you can do, which may also be fun for your home school or scout group.

Since this page was developed, I have changed to a newer website formate, and now there is more DIY content found within the Projects Category link or the DIY tags page


Flint and Steel Kit

This is a great shoe-string budget project that can yield great results. Click HERE to learn more.

Mini Survival Kit
This is a suggested list of items that will fit in a small pouch that you can easily wear around your neck for back-up on your casual excursions. Click HERE to learn more.

Easy Tick Remover
An embedded tick freaks a lot of people out! I’ve tried the usual methods like lighting a match, blow it out, and hold it close to the tick – or – smothering on vaseline cream – or – rubbing the tick in a circular motion for 30 seconds… but the best success is a DIY tool that I conceived that I would like to share with you! Click HERE to learn more.


Slush Lamp Basics
The basic slush lamp has 4 parts: 1) a small vessel that holds oil for fuel, 2) oil – whether vegetable or mineral in nature, 3) a wick that draws the fuel by capillary action, 4) an optional but helpful wick holder that stabilizes the wick and limits the flame spread. Click HERE to learn more.

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