DIY Tick Remover


Easy Tick Remover

An embedded tick freaks a lot of people out! I’ve tried the usual methods like lighting a match, blow it out, and hold it close to the tick – or – smothering on vaseline cream – or – rubbing the tick in a circular motion for 30 seconds… but the best success is a DIY tool that I conceived that I would like to share with you!

Cut Straw Diagonally
1) Take a soda straw and cut it diagonally at a 45 degree angle.

2) Cut a small “V” on the end.

3) Approach from head end of the tick, slip the “V” notch under the tick’s head and slide briskly towards the rear in a scooping action.


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2 thoughts on “DIY Tick Remover

  1. Used the “seasick” technique for an embedded tick. Vaseline on a Q-tip, then rubbed the tick in a circular motion (clockwise or counterclockwise) with the loaded Q-tip. You’re only using the Q-tip to rub smoothly and it also “captures” the tick once it releases. It took about 2 minutes to release. Read some dog owner forums for more information. Srsly works.

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