Prayer Candle – A Bright Idea

Each shopping trip is an adventure. I’m always fascinated by the variety of goods available in our stores, and of course, I’m always on the look-out for cross-over items (see “Crossover Tools And Applications” blog). In the grocery store this week I was passing through the Hispanic Food section and noticed a display of prayer candles. This non-food item caught my eye and I began to think of possible applications.

The thing that struck me about this candle is it’s generous size and that it comes in a self-contained glass fixture. The wax is poured into a tall glass jar which is in effect a protective chimney. The volume of wax fills the cylinder measuring 6″ tall by 2″ diameter. I picked one up and headed for the checkout counter. When I got home I decided to light it up and record it’s rate of consumption. After 12 hours it had consumed about 1 1/8″ of wax. That equates to over 48 hours worth of burn time for the entire candle.

One advantage of candles is that the melted wax is quite small in volume so if it is accidentally spilled it is limited. In contrast, a liquid fuel such as oil or spirits can spread fast and wide if it spills and can be quite uncontrollable. It is advisable to place the prayer candle on a heat pad or some type of heat buffer so that when the flame burns down close to the bottom it will not damage the underlying surface.

Unlike liquid fuels, it won’t evaporate during storage. When kept in a moderate or cool storage area their shelf life is virtually unlimited. When not in use, protect the wicks from moisture. The wax is stable but the wick can be difficult to light if it becomes wet. Fortunately the wicks on new candles are generally well coated as a result of the manufacturing process.

Perhaps the best benefit of these candles is that whatever situation that you find yourself in, it’s a good reminder that prayer is always a good thing to do.

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