Bandana Tying Variations

We’ve all seen survival experts and adventurers wearing bandanas, a.k.a. handkerchiefs or “dew rags” on TV shows or other media, and for good reason. I’ve discussed their usefulness in my blog “The Humble Bandana“. These squares of cloth can be configured many different ways to wear for different amounts of coverage. Sometimes the deciding factor of tying style lies in the size and type of cloth that is used.

It has been written that Albert Einstein used to take a gentlemen’s handkerchief and make a knot on each corner thus creating an improvised hat that he wore while lingering outside on a hot sunny day. A popular method of tying a bandana is to fold it in half on the bias (between opposite corners) thus creating a triangle then placing this long fold on your forehead with the remaining cloth covering one’s head and tying the outside corners in the back over the remaining corner.

Recently I decided to try a cross between these two methods. I tied a knot on one of the corners which I placed on my forehead while covering my head with the rest of the cloth. Then I took the two adjacent corners on each side and tied them together in the back, thus securing my head covering. This method allows me to have much more use of available cloth that covers my neck from the elements or for added camouflage coverage. The knot in front I tuck behind the brim. The knot seems to create a better contour of the cloth and the bandana seems more stable while I wear it.

Perhaps you have a different way of tying your own bandana. Please leave a comment describing your method.

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