Alternate striking method for matchbook matches to create fire

I started exploring the idea that safety match-book matches might be lit if I treated them like fire-by-friction wood… that is, if I pre-heated the match by rubbing it slightly before I used a mild friction surface to strike on. It worked on the ceramic bottom of a cup, so I enthusiasticly showed my son who just plain struck it quickly and succeeded. I continued to explore this discovery and found other objects that worked, such as a medium surface sharpening stone, and a semi-glossy brick. Surprisingly, you can strike a match on a pane of glass too, but it can cause damage to the glass.

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2 thoughts on “Alternate striking method for matchbook matches to create fire

  1. hey survival tek ever try putting match heads in a fire? you shold try it its an easy tinder to light and they will ignite other tindr fast.

  2. Hmmm… Match heads don’t take up much room to carry in a water tight container, and they do pack a punch! Good idea!

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