Garden Camo

At a friend’s Barbecue I had the opportunity to help grill the meat. Our hostess came out with two aprons for my friend and I to use for the task. I saw that one was a John Deere apron, and the other was girly and full of flowers. I thought to myself that I was man enough to handle the flowers, so I offered the John Deere apron to my friend to wear. Shortly, I began to experience some awkward feelings… humm… not what I expected. Suddenly the hostess stepped out from the house with a plate full of chicken and said “Ken… where are you? I can’t see you…” I looked at her rather strangely, and replied “right here!?” And she said “Oh… I couldn’t see you… you must be wearing garden camo…” I just busted up laughing and felt my masculinity return!

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