Lamb’s Quarters -or- Wild Spinach

Lamb’s quarters is a spinach-like plant that most folks consider a weed found in cultivated crops, gardens, pastures, vacant lots, waste ground, and other disturbed soils. Lamb’s quarters has a few different nicknames like pigweed, goosefoot, white goosefoot, wild spinach, and lamb’s quarter (singular), depending on where you live. It is not related to “lamb’s lettuce” or “lamb’s ear”. Lamb’s quarters produce triangular velvety-textured leaves and the entire plant, including the stems, is edible. You may notice small black seeds still encased in tiny green pollen-like balls, which are also edible. Young leaves and shoots are preferred and can be eaten raw or cooked. In a domestic situation (like in your kitchen) lamb’s quarters can be used in any recipe that calls for spinach and can be included in all kinds of dips, dressings, salads, sauces, soups, and main dishes.

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