Merlefest Update 2010

Well, after 2 days at Merlefest, I’m starting to get the rhythm of daily routine at this festival. The first day I met many nice folks, some that have primitive living skills who were a delight to speak with. The second day began some sales of products… wallet magnifiers (A.K.A. solar fire starters) were a big hit. I had other products as well including crafts. My sons helped man the booth while I gave various demonstrations of firecraft, bushcraft and cooking. So far I’ve baked fish in clay and done dangle cooking of chicken. Tomorrow I’ll do the same including cooking rice in bamboo and hoe cakes on a trowel. I’ve met folks from Czechoslovakia, with primitive living skills and teepee manufacturing, a SERE instructor with the Navy, instructors in survival and edible flora identification, and more. I’m learning a lot, and teaching a lot. So far it’s been a wonderful experience. Next weekend I’ll be doing basic survival skills at the Foothill District Scout Show located in Granite Falls, NC. What will come next?! Stay tuned…

Check out these photos from Channel 5 WRAL PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, and PHOTO 3.

Added 05 May 2010Merlefest Gallery Photos

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