DIY Cooking Trivet

I grew up in the city, and we had common modern-day cooking conveniences. In addition, our house had a fireplace, which by today’s urban pollution laws, may now have wood burning restrictions. However, should an extended regional power outage take place, the fireplace hearth would become “cooking central”. Fireplaces in modern homes are mostly ornamental or architectural design elements, but if it is functional for burning wood or has a gas manifold, here’s an item that you could use for cooking with a pot or pan in the event of an emergency.

A trivet is used to hold a pot or pan over a fire or coals. Traditionally, these would be made out of cast iron or wrought iron. But in a pinch, you can use steel shelf brackets. The materials needed are: 3 brackets, 3 bolts and 3 nuts. By bolting the tip of the long arm of the bracket to the edge of the next bracket, then repeat the positions on the next 2 brackets, you create a triangular platform. This is surprisingly stable and can be placed wherever needed. Of course you can use a warming rack or oven rack placed on bricks as a grill, but a trivet can float a pot or pan independently for more control and uses less of a footprint inside the fireplace.

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7 thoughts on “DIY Cooking Trivet

  1. I’m just getting into the great outdoors and I’m soaking up the bushcraft \ survival skills available online. Have learned so much in a short space of time, But I loved the simplicity of this trivit so much I just had to comment. great idea from Lee C about the handle.

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