Seasonal Harbingers

For those who observe, and not just see, there are small changes that foretell the change in the next season. For example, in the Winter, you may notice buds of crocus or daffodil poking up out of snow, heralding the approach of Spring. Sometimes you can feel that the temperature and humidity of the air has a significant change. On a less beautiful side, you can monitor “road-kill” and notice what critters are coming out of hibernation. You may begin to hear frogs or bugs in the twilight hours. There are different flowers for each season, and each flower has a length of bloom. As Fall approaches we begin to see tree leaves change color. Folklore can offer many insights such as “Wooly-Worms” (caterpillars) will show solid colors before a harsh Winter.

As we become aware of these signs, we can anticipate the next seasonal change and better prepare for it. And within these seasons, there are recognizable conditions for weather that can prepare us in the short term as well. As the saying goes – “forewarned is forearmed”, so begin to observe some of the things mentioned above, but I would love to hear from you, and what other harbingers that you have observed.

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