An email from Sweden

I was delighted to receive an email from Sweden… I share this excerpt:

“…Another thing I like about your movies/techniques is that they seem to be a part of life itself. Does this sound strange? Let me try to explain; I can get by in English but explaining something important in another language isn’t that easy.. it is like painting with only a few colours….

Everything is everything whether we realize this or not. All questions we may ask ourselves – all the answers must and can be found here, they are within Life itself. It is therefore impossible to separate one thing from another since they are somehow connected with each other.

Survival is a part of Life, a part of the wilderness but also a part of civilization. There is something I prefer to call “city survival,” and I have practiced this many, many times in my life. There has been many times I’ve come to a “new” city, it was late – too late to find a room or maybe I was out of money. So – where could food and shelter be found, right in the middle of a city? It was then I made use of my knowledge – city survival.

This knowledge has comforted me more than once and the ability to make the place I sit down my home has helped me many times – when I had to wait for a train or bus at a station, for instance. Then my mind became my best survival-tool – again, city survival.

So there really is no difference between living in the city or in the wilderness. The knife I use for carving outdoors I use for slicing bread in my kitchen – do you understand what I mean? There is no “wall” between daily and outdoor life. They are both sides of the same coin. This is the feeling/message I get when I see your videos, Ken. I guess that this is what you really want to tell us, even though very few understand the message. Survive, simplify life when you have to, adapt to the present situation you are in and make the best of it.”

Thank you Anders… for saying it so well!

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