Turtle Island Preserve Open House Demonstrations

Turtle Island Preserve lives and teaches traditional and sustainable living skills and methods. Twice a year, in March and September, they have an open house for the community to come and visit their facility and meet staff and interns. You can observe many nearly forgotten skills and ways of life that our forefathers knew that were more harmonious with man and nature.

I was invited by Eustace Conway, the founder, to demonstrate flint and steel fire making at this event. Flint and steel is one of many ways to make fire but was the main method for thousands of years. I personally own a striker from 3 A.D. that thrills me to own as a piece of history that I can help perpetuate through future generations.

I was able to teach a number of folk, both young and old, while giving them hands-on experience and shared in their delight as they made flint and steel fire for the first time. I was also able to demonstrate modern materials that can be used for this historic craft. You can view my video demonstrating these materials.

So, today I was honored to help people make memories of their fire making experience in a rustic setting that helps us understand and appreciate the lifestyles of our forefathers.

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