Survival Class At Turtle Island Preserve

This last Saturday I had the privilege of being a guest instructor at Turtle Island Preserve. With 100 Cub Scout visitors from Pack 175 traveling from Decatur GA there was a lot going on. The Scouts and their parents were assigned to smaller groups that were able to attend 3 out of 15 possible instructional activities throughout the day. I was the instructor for the survival activity and my students and I had lots of fun, especially with the “hands-on” portion. The photo shows the underlying structure of a debris hut that the Scouts assembled during our shelter portion.
It was not just the Scouts who learned survival skills, but their parents as well who in some ways were more excited than their sons. I am no exception to learning skills as the adults shared from their experiences that will most probably become topics in future articles.
Throughout the day we experienced sunshine and rain but it didn’t dampen the spirits of those who attended. You can visit the website of Turtle Island Preserve at to see how their programs might fit your interests or those of your group.

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One thought on “Survival Class At Turtle Island Preserve

  1. I was lucky enough to get to participate in Ken’s class. It was very informative. I enjoyed all the tips and tricks. My two favorites were the fire system involving two connected holes (can’t recall the correct name) and the jail house match. BTW I am the guy with the acorn caps. They make excellent whistles!

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