Reading Glasses x 2

Imagine that you’re traveling on the road at night with no GPS to guide you. Nothing looks familiar but fortunately you have a map of the region. The only problem is that the overhead light is marginal and you’re over 40 now and the fine print is only a blur. Your spouse offers their reading glasses that you put on with resignation. However, that small type still eludes you. You remember that you keep a spare set of reading glasses in the glove compartment so you take them out to see if they work any better, but they seem to be the same level of magnification. All of a sudden a brain storm strikes… what would happen if you combined the two glasses and wear both of them at the same time? Voilà ! The fuzziness becomes clear enough to read and you are able to find your present location and the means to reach your destination.

In my case, my wife taught me this trick when I couldn’t read the numbers on my old cell phone. I was truly amazed and now I’m eager to pass this trick on to all the newbies in the reading glasses crowd.

If you use reading glasses and haven’t tried this method yet, you need to give it a try… you too will find it amazing!

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One thought on “Reading Glasses x 2

  1. … Before we could afford to get bifocals I was on to your trick-discovered that putting a pair of reading glasses in front of my regular prescription glasses bought me an extra couple years of reading before the bifocals! First there was “4-eyes”, now: “6-eyes”!

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