When In Danger, Use A Phone Cam As A Periscope

Imagine that you are trapped in a building when gun shots are fired or you hear a threatening situation. You are hidden from view but you need intel to plan your course of action. Peeking around a corner or over a counter could be risky but the risk can be minimized by using the camera feature of your phone.

Most camera lenses are located near the edge of the phone and on the opposite side of the viewing screen. Turn on the camera feature and slowly slide the camera past the edge of cover just far enough for a full view on the screen. Be sure there are no blinking light features or flashes first. Those features may be activated if you try to record the incident so NOW would be a good time to try this out so that you will become familiar with your camera’s operations.

In an non-emergency situation such as a camping trip, this “stealth” view can be used to capture images of wildlife from behind a tree or rock. I DO NOT endorse this capability to invade persons privacy, but rather offer it for use in emergency situations where you may be at risk.

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