Flexible Cell Phone Camera Mount For Your Adventures

Gear Tie On GroundI was a corporate photographer for over 20 years. I learned the importance of having a stable camera while photographing various assignments. Over the years I watched as cameras got smaller and more portable. Then came the advent of cell phone cameras, a break through in size and convenience. As technology continued to advance, these cameras became more sophisticated and produced higher resolution. From the moment that I acquired one of these I have been loving it, especially because it travels with me wherever I go.

However, until recently, I could not find a reasonable way to mount the cell phone camera for steady shots or position it for self portraits beyond arm-length selfies. What I was looking for would be able to hold the camera at any angle and could be free-standing or be hung/attached to a support such as a limb or crevice in a rock. There are some flexible mini tripods available for cameras but they require the use of a mounting screw.

Gear Tie On TreeTo my delight I discovered a new product called “Gear Tie” made by Nite Ize Innovation. It is a reusable rubber twist tie that is incredibly flexible with a “grippy” surface. Each GearTie is 32″ long and can be wound around my cell phone to hold it while having extra length with which to prop or hang it as needed. When not in use I can coil it into an oval that easily fits into my pocket. Whenever I go for walks or while attending events I am able to use my cell phone camera to capture the moment.

For photographers to be included in a photo, some cell phone apps have timers to allow them to position themselves in front of the camera. In some instances, this is impractical such as the case where you might be crossing a log over a stream. Crossing Moravian CreekIn this case I use an app called “whistle camera” that allows me to operate the shutter remotely by whistling. It has a user defined delay so you don’t have pursed lips at the moment of activation. This app when combined with the GearTie mounted cell phone camera has allowed me to capture some wonderful moments. This combination could prove to be your new best friend on your next adventure.

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