Turtle Island Preserve 2016 Families Learning Together

Turtle Island Preserve 2016 Families Learning Together

Before the crowds arrive…

My day started early preparing and loading my bins full of materials and tools with which to perform demonstrations at Turtle Island Preserve’s Families Learning Together event. “Families Learning Together” (FLT) is Turtle Island Preserve (TIP)’s annual spring fundraiser to promote sustainable and natural living through teaching earth skills. Because my skill set ranges from primitive to McGyverisms there was a lot of things to include. In concert with TIP’s heritage atmosphere, I wanted to demonstrate period skills of firecraft as well as simple cooking using a campfire. I was also prepared to demonstrate some modern day survival skills as well.

After I arrived at the FLT event and set up my demo area I saw a wide range of activities demonstrated by a range of other instructors such as blacksmithing, wood working, knife craft, blade sharpening, and many more. There was a variety of vendors offering items such as herbal tinctures, canned goods, natural paper note cards, fresh honey, framed photos, clothing, and keepsakes.

Eustace Conway, TIP’s founder was seen strolling throughout the grounds and I was able to listen in on a hillside talk in the afternoon. I began a friendship with Eustace some years before he was involved with the History channel’s “Mountain Men” series in which he and Preston Roberts, also on the grounds, have been featured in the last four seasons. For some of the attendees the Mountian Men series was their first exposure to Eustace, Preston, and TIP which was a delight to meet in person. There was close to 600 visitors in attendance for this annual event.

It’s always been an honor to participate on this special occasion held over the last several years. Not only am I able to share my skills and experiences with others but I am also enriched by the folks in attendance who share with me. I highly recommend this worthwhile event and encourage you to put in on your calendar for next year’s attendance.

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