TP (Toilet Paper) Heater

Now that the cold season has arrived, you may need heat in areas where there are no conventional heating systems or power. Many folks have found the “TP” (toilet paper) heater works real well, especially for initial heating or occasional heating to be more comfortable, or, in emergency situations, to stay alive. It’s really simple to make with only a few items. In the photo you’ll see what I use – an empty large tin can with cut-out lid, a roll of toilet paper, some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, and matches. Because of the can’s size, I removed the core of the TP, crushed the remaining hole closed, and slide the paper into the can all the way to the bottom. I pour the alcohol evenly over the top of the paper, then drop a lit match on top to ignite it. For safety measures I first place the can in a bowl on an open oven door or clear fireproof surface. I use the can lid to snuff out the flame when I want to extinguish it. These items can be carried as a kit in the back of your car for emergency situations. Always be careful with flammable liquids, and be sure to have adequate ventilation to avoid asphyxiation.

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4 thoughts on “TP (Toilet Paper) Heater

  1. Thanks Bruce…
    I have never used a full bottle of Isopropyl alcohol, but I’ve been told it can last for a few hours. In my “2 Minute Stove for $1” video, a quarter inch of fuel in the bottom of a soda can burns for about 3 minutes.

  2. All flames produce some level of carbon dioxide, but this is clean compared to petroleum fuels that tend to be smokey. Whenever you have a flame burning, especially in close quarters, you should always have a vent and slight air flow whether in a quinzee or an automobile.

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