Reflective Foil Wrapper For Signaling

Reflective Foil For SignalingWe often rely on electronic devices in the field for communication and signaling, especially in emergency situations. They are most often superior tools, but batteries can be drained and devices can fail. It is good to be aware of other ways to signal for help. Some of these methods might include loud sounds or perhaps large contrasting icons on the ground, but a highly reflective surface can be effective on a sunny day and seen for great distances.

I discuss various reflective signaling methods in a previous article “Back-To-Back CD Signal Mirror Method” that can be applied to this new reflective method. Although the glass surface of a cell phone is reflective, it can play a different role in signaling by means of providing a flat surface for a silverized Mylar snack wrapper.

My father used to turn snack bar wrappers inside-out and hung them on a fruit tree to ward off pillaging birds. That memory inspired me to try the same method using my cell phone as a base to hold a silverized snack wrapper as a cover. When held over one eye while using an extended hand as an aiming sight, the sun’s light can be directed to your target to gain attention to persons in the distance in an emergency.

This is a fun project to practice with friends or aimed at a distant reflective surface like a car’s license plate, signal lights, or road signs.

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