Spontaneous Combustion

A friend of mine told me that they had a spontaneous combustion fire in their warehouse recently. They had used a mop to apply linseed oil onto a wooden delivery truck bed. They took the materials inside the warehouse and placed on the cement floor to store overnight. The next day, a worker noticed a strong odor throughout the facility and went to investigate. She found a smoldering mop, and when she picked it up to remove it, it burst into flame, whereupon she took it outside where it finished burning. The photo shows what was left the next day. I placed the can of linseed oil next to it for illustration purposes, and included a close-up of the instructions which had not been read. If you should use linseed oil, read and follow the instructions so YOU don’t have an emergency.

So, what does this have to do with survival?! First – you won’t have to survive an emergency if it doesn’t occur, and, it IS a fire method (chemical) which I plan to accomplish in a CONTROLLED manner. Stay tuned…

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