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Because I like to be prepared, I have constructed a detachable key-ring full of small tools that I wear on my belt at all times. My belt loops through it and it passes over the top of my trousers and hangs on the inside. This placement prevents a bulge in my pocket and can easily be accessed. On the key-ring is a ferrocerium striker that can be obtained through a Boy Scout Supplier. In addition, I have a small Swiss Army knife that includes a knife blade, finger nail file, flat blade screw driver, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers. I also have a P38 military can opener, a whistle for signaling, and a micro LED light.These tools have served me well in both wilderness and urban settings, but you may choose a different set based on your needs. What would work best for you?

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3 thoughts on “My tool set companion

  1. Just stumbled across this site and I am very impressed.

    I too made myself a miniature belt attached survival kit.

    It consists of a whistle, mini LED torch, aluminium screw open canister containing 3 varnished matches wrapped in cotton wool (tinder), a peanut lighter (for back up), aluminium screw open canister containing 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen tablets for pain relief and a tiny multi tool that has 11 functions and is no bigger than my thumb when folded up.

    These are all attached to a carabeener that goes onto a belt loop of my trousers and travels everywhere with me.

    This little lot may sound bulky and heavy but isn’t. I’m thinking of replacing the matches with a fire steel and putting water purification tablets into the canister instead.

  2. I came onto your post by mere incident, and I want to show you my survival kit as well. It consists of:

    – SOG SEAL Pup
    – Victorinox Champ
    – Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool
    – Pocket Chainsaw
    – BlastMatch Fire Starter
    – 30 ft. of Para-cord
    – 4 Wet Fire Tinder Cubes
    – Bottle of Water Purification Tablets
    – Ultralight Tarp
    – Emergency Space Blanket
    – JetScream Whistle
    – 10 REI Stormproof Matches
    – Key-ring Attachable Mirror
    – 70% Isoporpyl Rubbing Alcohol
    – Pump Spray Can
    – REI Stormproof Matches
    – Samurai Survival Tool
    – First Aid Supplies(bandages, dressings, pain relievers, and creams)
    – Mini MagLite w/ Spare Batteries

    I keep all of this in a shoulder bag. It’s very practical, and I use
    it for camping mainly. Yes, it’s a very large list but it’s not too
    much weight and doesn’t take much space.

  3. Interesting approach to every day carry survival equipment. I prefer a larger knife for utility purposes and ALWAYS have a locking folder with belt clip in my pocket from a quality knife maker. Other than that, I keep a mini-butane lighter in my pocket and usually trade out my boot or shoe laces for para-cord. A small whistle, LED torch and backup source of fire would be nice touches and are included in my back country survival kits.

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