As this fall season is about to turn into winter…

I’ve been pondering the concept of survival, which presupposes that first someone is in a predicament. It reminds me of my brief training in martial arts, that is, your best defense… is not putting yourself in the path of danger.

As this fall season is about to turn into winter, where I live, most leaves have fallen, and temperatures have occasionally dropped below freezing. With Holiday travel eminent, it may be prudent to think in terms of preparation for travel, especially when traveling by car. Everything is fine until we are unexpectedly delayed, and if we’re stopped in freezing temperature, it could get serious. Having some items in the trunk of your car could make a significant difference.

As much as we might enjoy spontaneity and freedom, it’s smart to let our loved ones know our planned route… much like pilots file a flight plan. Always keep the bottom half of your gas tank filled… letting it be your empty mark and just adding gas to the upper half. Cell phones can be invaluable for needed communication. In the trunk, consider keeping a sleeping bag or two… preferably a type that unzips into a blanket for sharing. Some packet hand warmers can bring comfort. A can of gelled fuel such as Sterno when used carefully and with proper ventilation can be used for heat when running the engine and car heater is not possible. Make sure you have a flashlight with fresh batteries. A pair of jumper cables and a tow rope can also come in handy for yourself, or to help others.

Being prepared can help you have peace of mind, as well as help you or someone else survive when stranded.

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