My fascination with fire

I was just reflecting on the beginnings of my fascination with fire. The very mention of fire seems to throw up “red flags” for those I speak to, and all too often I hear the word “Pyro” in response. Like so many other topics, a reaction by those who are uninformed skews the whole context.

Fire has ALWAYS captivated the interest of those who stand around a campfire, with it’s undulating waves of light, warmth, and perhaps the crackle of the firewood. Fire has been with us since the beginning of time and is integral to civilization.

I once saw an episode of “McGyver” where he was trapped in a warehouse and created fire to summon rescue by setting off the fire alarm. I thought, “Hmmm… that’s handy to know…” which spawned my need to know how to make fire in a time of need. As I tell my skeptics, “I don’t want to see a wall of fire, just a small flame that can light a camp fire, provide a signal, or cook a meal”.

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