Survival means different things to different people…

Survival means different things to different people. Some folks these days envision hardship ahead, perhaps economic ruin. When they think of survival, it is more akin to homesteading, or off-the-grid living. My focus is “how to stay alive when stranded” along with “how to use the resources on hand”.

There is an often taught guideline that goes like this: we are limited to 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 30 days without food. In cases of extreme cold we might speak in terms of hours. These guidelines help us prioritize our actions.

Escape would be the number one priority in a life threatening situation such as being involved in a plane crash or burning vehicle. Protect yourself from further danger and move to a safe area. Treat any severe injuries that were sustained. After that, finding shelter is extremely important, especially if you are in a remote area or if inclement conditions exist. You will want to think about signaling methods to solicit help or rescue. Making a fire can provide a source for signaling, warmth, and cooking. Not as immediately necessary is finding water for hydration. Once you have stabilized your conditions you can take time to assess your situation and take stock of your resources. In the short term, food can be more of a luxury than a necessity.

Every situation is unique, but knowing the priorities puts us in the best possible position.

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