Make a Pot from a Can

Have you ever wanted to have an impromptu picnic lunch with hot chili or beans but had no cookware to use? By using a P-38 can opener, you can make a handle from the rim of a can, enabling you to hang it over a fire for cooking.

The first step is to cut out and remove the can lid. Then turning the P-38 can opener 90 degrees to the side of the can along the now bare rim, you can cut half-way around the circumference, then lift the free edge upward, over the top of the open can. It makes a very convenient handle.

You can use a stick to lift the can over a fire or coals, or, you can cut a limb as shown that hangs over a cross-branch with a slit at the lower end of the limb that holds the handle.

If you don’t have a P-38 can opener yet, visit the Survivaltek Store to obtain your own and be prepared!

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3 thoughts on “Make a Pot from a Can

  1. I’ve been donig this since I was a boy for “boil-up’s” in Newfoundland. We usually use a single branch to hold up the can and bury one end in the ground so it’s at about a 45 degree angle. Perfect for some beans and tea while hunting

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