Hoe Cake Cooking

Back in the pre-Civil War days, slaves worked out in the fields using hoes to do their work. At mid-day, there was no “break-room” in which to eat, so the workers made their own corn bread out in the fields by using a hoe blade which they placed on some red-hot coals. By mixing corn meal, water and a little salt while using a little bacon fat or butter on the blade, they baked a very quick and tasty meal. I’m sure that everyone had their own version with perhaps different condiments, but you’d be surprised how something so simple can be so flavorful! But then, that’s part of the magic of outdoor cooking.

Cooking starts with a bed of coals and a clean hoe. When you add water to the corn meal, make a fairly wet dough and gently form a patty with your hands. Place the dough patty on the hoe blade and cook on both sides until each side is slightly browned or golden.

So now you know 1 more method of cooking beyond pots, pans, or foil. Give it try… you’ll be surprised!

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2 thoughts on “Hoe Cake Cooking

  1. Thank you for showing what a REAL HOE cake was. The slaves (more than likely) only had the cornmeal, water, the hoe, and a bed of coals as you described.

  2. I was listening to a song called “Breaking Bread” by Fred Wesley. It was about visiting his family and his Mother serving everyone what she called Hoe Cake Bread. I decided to do some research into Hoe Cake Bread and here I am. Now the old hoes around my house have a new value. Thanks!

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