Amazing Silverware Figure-4 Deadfall

One evening I sat at my kitchen table while my wife was on the phone. It was a call to our folks who live out-of-town and was becoming rather lengthy. As usual my listening skills began to wane and I began to entertain myself with the silverware that was left on the table after dinner. I began interlocking them and the thought occurred to me that I might be able to create a figure-4 type trigger for a deadfall trap. After several trys, I came up with a workable configuration. It begins with a spoon placed on the table face-up. Then the tip of a fork handle is placed in the bowl of the spoon and is held upright. As you slide the fork handle toward the tip of the spoon, the spoon handle will rise up. Continue to hold the downward pressure of the fork on the spoon to keep the handle floating up, then place a butter knife with the spline between the fork tines and the heavier handle resting on the floating spoon handle. When the weight of the deadfall is placed on the fork’s tip, the pressure will keep the assembly in balance. Because of the spoon’s slippery nature and the delicate counter weight of the knife, it’s quite easy to trigger. Of course, don’t forget to put bait on the handle of the spoon, which should be facing inside and under the leaning deadfall. The bait can be peanut butter, butter or grease… something that will stay adhered to the handle. So, suppose you’re in a city situation after a disaster has struck and the area stores are out of food, you can use your silverware for more than one way to eat. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Silverware Figure-4 Deadfall

  1. Yes… I ate the squirrel… my first one! I cooked it on a spit over an open fire. It cooked fast and tasted good. There’s something about cooking outdoors… aaah… the aroma. :-)

  2. Given your scenario of stuck in a city situation, I’ll be anxious to try that with plastic silverware. I think Wendy’s plastic ware would work well. Yes, squirrel tastes fine. Boil with bullion, then eat with squirrel in one hand and a bottle of tabasco in the other!

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