Survivaltek at National Park Lands Day

Today I had the privilege of participating in the National Park Lands Day at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. I set up my Lavvu last night and brought a bunch of survival goodies from my classes to demonstrate to the visitors. The weather has been overcast with impending rain, so I believe that the number of visitors was less than normal, but for all those who attended the event, there was plenty to see and do. Concurrent to this event, the local district of Boy Scouts of America held their Camporee and performed various service activities.
It was the first time that I have camped in the rain, and fortunately it was light and brief. The capability of having a campfire within my Lavvu teepee kept me warm and dry in the night with only slight drops of rain entering the opening at the top. During the day it kept my supplies dry which can be critical when you’re doing fire demos. I was hoping to demonstrate solar fire methods, but with the overcast skies, I demonstrated flint and steel fire making and how to make charcloth. To those readers who visited me today, WELCOME, and I hope you enjoy the information throughout this website. You can sign up for my Newsletter for news, announcements and offers. Thanks for visiting… your comments are welcome.

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