Juniper Berries

A juniper berry is not a true berry but rather a fleshy female seed cone with merged scales with an approximate size of a 1/4 inch in diameter. All juniper species grow berries, but a few are toxic and some are considered too bitter to eat and are not recommended for eating in volume. Most folks describe the taste as piney or resinous but the taste varies within the over 40 species. While photographing the adjacent photo, I sampled some berries and found them to be slightly sweet. They are ripe for harvest when dark in appearance and they are often covered with a whitish wax. They can be eaten raw or brewed to make a tea. It is a good source of vitamin C. Historically, juniper berries have been used as cooking spices and are used in some alcoholic beverages. Medicinally, juniper berries are used as a diuretic and is effective for dissolving kidney stones. A note of caution: juniper berries may be harmful to people with kidney problems, or for those who are pregnant.

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