Signal Mirror Target Practice

Recently I was visiting family and friends out-of-town and wanted to show them my signal mirror that I carry in my “bug-out bag” (an emergency travel bag supplied for 3+ days sustainably). They live in town so I didn’t have a field to demonstrate the mirror’s effect from afar. However, the city street did offer unique features that illustrated the effectiveness of my mirror. At the end of the street was a reflective stop sign, a school crossing sign, and various cars with reflective license plates and tail lights. Each reflective surface would “light up”, confirming that I had accurately targeted the light reflected from my mirror. Each person enjoyed lighting up items close and far away. A word of caution… when trying this, be careful not to blind drivers that may be approaching or crossing the street. Even if your mirror shines from behind the car, the light reflected in their mirrors is mighty bright. You may also want to try using a CD disc to familiarize yourself with it’s capabilities. You can use the hole in the middle as a sighting hole while holding your finger out in front upon which you place the reflected light, thus creating in effect a peep-sight. Then swing your arms toward your target. Check out my “CD Signal Mirror In Emergency” video which illustrates this method.

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One thought on “Signal Mirror Target Practice

  1. I’ve tried targeting retroreflectors to much satisfaction!
    If one is using a CD mirror, there is a way to mimic a WWII signal mirror sight with two CD’s.
    1) Place two CD’s back to back.
    2) Aim the CDs near the general direction of the sun.
    3) Look at the reflection of your face in the back CD. You should see a spot of light corresponding to the CD hole.
    4) Move the CD so that the reflection of the spot of light appears to be directly over the actual CD hole.
    5) Look through the CD hole, and while keeping the spot of light in the hole, look directly at your target.
    If both things are lined up, the sunlight will reflect toward your target.

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