Consider Fasting…

“Fasting” isn’t a word that Joe Average uses in the course of a year. Some health enthusiasts or members of religious groups are familiar with its’ meaning: – noun – “an abstinence from food, or a limiting of one’s food, esp. when voluntary and as a religious observance; fasting” ( Why would anyone voluntarily abstain from eating? There are many reasons: initiating a body cleanse; promoting focus of thought or purpose; loosing weight; etc. but the reason I suggest it is to acclimate yourself to food denial during normal circumstances so that you will be better prepared in emergency circumstances.

When I was in college I studied various martial arts. One day I was sparring and ran out of breath quickly and I realized that I needed to build my stamina. So, I began to run… a few miles at first, but eventually up to 18 miles. Through it all I learned about self determination and discipline, and that if I needed to run for help in an emergency, I could do it. In the same way, going without food will acclimate you to how it feels and it’s effects, and in the end, that you can survive. After all… in the “Rules of 3s” you can live 30 days without food, which is at the bottom of the list for survival.

I recommend that if you have health issues, consult your doctor first. For healthy individuals, you can begin with a 1-3 day fast, drinking plenty of fluids, preferably filtered water. There are many references to fasting on the web. I found this article to be quite helpful: I’d love to hear about your fasting experience.

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