Coal Roasted Egg

One of the fun things about a campfire is the experiments that you can explore while you sit around it. I’ve witnessed some pyro-type activities on different occasions, but my interest in firecraft leans more toward practical uses such as heating, signaling and cooking. At one of my day-long exhibitions, I had cooked a hoe-cake on a trowel, and then, having run out of rice which I normally cook in a bamboo segment, I poached an egg in water instead. Then I wondered… if I had no vessel to cook with, how could I cook an egg? Although eggs are normally cooked by frying or boiling, I wondered if they could be roasted as well.

Remembering an explosive cooking incident in my microwave, I knew that pressure would build up inside when heated so I punctured a few holes in the shell and then set the egg on top of ash covered coals. I occasionally turned the egg during the roasting process to evenly cook the innards. The photo shows the results… perfecto! Can you imagine roasting an ostrich egg?

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4 thoughts on “Coal Roasted Egg

  1. I remember about fifty-something years ago, we were at the campground at my family’s stock pond, making coffee and swimming. My grandparents drove up, and they had just finished doing their chores on their farm. I was just a little girl and complained of being hungry. My grandaddy went to their pickup, got some eggs out of the bucket they had just gathered, and as I remember, I think he wrapped them each in wet newspaper and put them in the coals. I really don’t recall how they looked or tasted, but I have wondered about how it was done in recent years. Very interesting. Did yours taste like boiled eggs?

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