Christmas 2010

Most people associate Christmas with gifts… combined with various traditions, people and places. I find that Christmas Time for me is much like Thanksgiving because I reflect on what I consider “gifts” that I have received throughout the year. This year my list of gifts includes people, experiences and items.

I am grateful for Survivaltek visitors who have taken the time to communicate with their comments and suggestions through the website. I’ve also met new friends at festivals, demonstrations and other events. My experiences continue to grow as it is my practice to “do” the things that I write about in my blog. I purpose to research, validate and pass on what I have learned. Some kind folks have also sent various gift items that have been quite a delight. And sometimes, I give myself some gifts to experiment with for fun and future blogs.

I hope that Survivaltek visitors will accept my blogs as gifts that will stimulate thought and add to their understanding and knowledge-base of survival skills.

Beyond these blessings, today, I also reflect on the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

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