Survivaltek Webcast Interview

Saturday evening at 8:00 P.M. was a Survivaltek 1st… a webcast interview on PRN (Preparedness Radio Network) on the show “Your Preparation Station” with Donna Miller (of Millers Grain House & Grain Storehouse). Preparation Station features topics related to emergency preparedness in relation to provisions and self sustainment. The uniqueness of Survivaltek is that it is related to short term survival techniques in the space between emergency and safety that is often ignored in preparedness planning.

I spent most of the day reviewing the Survivaltek website and used the menu page contents as my outline. I had previously sent Donna pertinent questions that would help to focus our interview and I wrote notes for my answers. The mechanics of the interview involve both the host and interviewee to call PRN where an engineer hooks them up for the broadcast. I had tried different hard-line phones to avoid battery issues and hopefully gain better audio fidelity. When I dialed in and connected with the station engineer, almost immediately there were technical difficulties on my end… I could hear them clearly but they could not hear me. After quickly testing the connections, I opted to use my cell phone which successfully connected and we were able to resume the interview. During the down-time Donna was able to read a short bio that I had sent ahead of time so it fit nicely into the program. I was grateful to have a backup plan in place. Thankfully, the cell phone had just enough battery life to complete the call.

The interview went well. Donna has a wonderful way of presenting questions to her quests and I found that the information flowed and I felt at ease during the program. If you missed the program you can click HERE to listen to it. At the close of the program we had just begun to discuss firecraft, so it looks like there may be another program on the horizon to expand on this, my favorite subject. Stay tuned for more…

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One thought on “Survivaltek Webcast Interview

  1. Hi Ken,

    Just finished listening to your webcast with Donna and I just wanted to pass on the fact that I enjoyed the show very much. I also look forward to future follow up shows in the future. My only regret was that you were both cut off by time issues when you were “just getting fired up”. Hope you have a great day and look forward to seeing you in the future. Keep up the good work.

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