Fire by Fire Saw

Catagory – Friction The bamboo “Fire Saw” method uses a sharp edged piece of bamboo, a semi cylinder tray, two balls of bamboo shavings used as tinder, and a leaf to hold the tinder in place while sawing. The tray has a short 2″ trough cut lengthwise on the inside that almost pierces the outward skin. On the outside of the tray, a slight groove is cut perpedicular to the inside trough. Where they intersect, a small hole can be pierced. The sharp edged piece is anchored with the blade facing upward. The tray is held perpendicular to the blade with the outside groove facing down on the blade. The bamboo shavings are placed over the inside trough of the tray and held in place with the leaf while sliding the tray back and forth over the sharp edged piece. Alternatively, the apparatus can be inverted so that the tray is placed on the ground, covering the tinder bundle, and a sharpened bamboo blade can be born down from above.
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