Duct Tape On The Trail

Now that survivaltek has a page on Facebook, I try to keep up with my friends. One of my friends posted the photo that grabbed my attention. Here is a down and dirty (and wet) application for duct tape. I sent a message to find out the story behind the picture. Apparently the shoe was already in “iffy” condition and was kept operational by repeated binding of tape (due to the wet environment).

My friend also share that her husband used to work in the forest service and had to use duct tape all the time to fix shoes or broken gear. He didn’t want to pack any extra weight so he put it on his water bottle. The most interesting time when the duct tape was needed was when he almost chopped his foot off with an axe. He had to walk 12 miles back to civilization to go to the hospital. He said he cut a long strip off his shirt and wrapped it around the cut in a pseudo tourniquet. Then he duct-taped around it to hold it on and offer a little more protection. That worked pretty well but he said he still bled through his bandage, sock, and shoe and left bloody footprints on the trail. She said “I’m sure God had his hand in that one so he is still here with us today.” “We would never go backpacking without it.”

I guess the important point is that they had duct tape WITH THEM on the trail. In a previous blog “Repackaging Duct Tape” I show ways to carry duct tape in a compact way. Their method of wrapping it around their water bottle keeps it ready at hand. Be prepared and find a method that works for you.

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