Survivaltek, Eustace Conway, and Turtle Island Preserve

Yesterday was a picture-perfect day at Turtle Island Preserve in Triplet NC. It was the Fall Open House Day where Turtle Island Preserve opens it’s doors to the public to experience the glory of the land and the life style of our fore fathers, demonstrating the methods of self reliance while promoting Eco-conciousness with current day resources. Survivaltek has joined other skilled volunteers and staff at events such as Open House days , Cub Scout Camp, and Summer Boys Camp, demonstrating bushcraft and survival skills .

During the Open House events, it’s fun to hear the rumble of the horse drawn carriage throughout the day, loaded with visitors and driven by Eustace Conway throughout the grounds. Eustace was recently featured on the History Channel program “Mountain Men” and thus has drawn quite a bit of attention. Although television tends to exaggerate events to increase viewership ratings, my experiences have been delightful, and I hope that the television series will help to increase awareness of Turtle Island Preserve’s purpose and offerings to the public. You can visit their website at for more information.

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One thought on “Survivaltek, Eustace Conway, and Turtle Island Preserve

  1. Great to see you again Ken. Me and the family had a blast at Turtle Mnt. Can’t wait to go again. Good to see your knapping skills improving

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