Emergency Skinning Tool

Hunters and skinning animals go hand-in-hand. Once they acquire their wild game, they need to uncover the meat that they hope to eat. This also applies to farmers and ranchers that raise livestock as a personal food source. These folks are usually prepared with appropriate cutlery for the task. But for the moment, let’s imagine that you are in a survival situation without these tools. You have acquired an animal but how do you dress it out for meat, hide and other useful parts? Here’s a surprising improvised tool that you can use.

Not long ago I made a short video demonstrating how to break the bottom out of a bottle by hand. My original purpose in doing this was to use the glass bottom as material with which to practice my knapping skills while making arrowheads. Each time that glass disc would pop off the bottom I would mention to onlookers that without further work, this was a tool unto it’s self. It has a very sharp edge that could be used for cutting and potentially skinning and dressing out an animal.

As survivaltek readers may attest, I’ve been known to harvest astragalus bones from deer roadkill. On such an occasion I decided to test out my theory with this improvised cutting tool from a bottle. To my delight and amazement it cut clean and easy! After the initial incision I began to separate the hide from the carcass. Although I didn’t pursue the meat and organs, I’m sure that it would accomplish the task. That further work will be a project for the future.

Although most folks are not accustom to butchering, it’s good to know that in an emergency situation and without conventional tools, you can accomplish this task that could be a key part to your survival.

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