Mountain Television Network Interview

This week I had the privilege of being interviewed on “MTN Live in the Mountains” with hosts Drew Piscopo and Alex Melton. The Mountain Television Network (MTN) station broadcasts with streaming video on the web and over various cable networks spanning numerous counties in North Carolina and neighboring states where you can find local events, blogs, news, sports and videos.

The interview covered a number of topics but initially I introduced myself, recounted my pursuit of bushcraft and survival skills and how I got started with Survivaltek. There were also practical questions such as “why did you want to teach people how to survive?”, “give us an idea of an emergency situation (and) what things around the house (could) you use to help us survive?” and “If you’re going out camping… what are some basic items that you feel people should take with them?”.

In addition, I was able to mention the classes that I offer which you can view on my classes page. My current plans are to hold classes the third Saturday of the month or by appointment. Those who are interested in taking a class should register ahead of time to guarantee their place in the class with associated materials.

You can view the video on Youtube at I was very pleased with the interview and appreciated the great interaction with Drew and Alex.

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