“Every Day Carry” Attachments

Every Day Carry With Brass Swivel SnapsAwhile back I wrote an article for Prepare Magazine entitled “Survival Prep On A Shoestring Budget” where on page five I describe items that I carry every day which are useful in daily and emergency situations. I keep them on a split ring key chain. Some items like a ferro rod and striker need to be accessible to both hands for operation so I had attached clips on different items to facilitate separation as needed, otherwise removal by slipping them off the split ring was time consuming and laborious.

A couple of months ago I published an article “Survival Wrist Band – Fisherman’s Version” that used brass barrel snap swivels. As I examined the wrist band it dawned on me these would make great attachments for my “every day carry” (EDC) set. What was needed was a way to attach the brass barrel snap swivels to each item so I took a trip to the sports department in a “Big Box” store and found small split rings that are used to connect hooks and accessories to various lures.

The split rings are quite stiff and a bit of a challenge to install, but the reward is that each item is now coupled with a brass barrel snap swivel enabling it to be detachable and basically tangle free. The brass barrel snap swivels also allow each tool to be attached to other items like zippers, luggage, hand bags or camping gear. Where could you attach yours?

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5 thoughts on ““Every Day Carry” Attachments

  1. Why not reverse the swivels that way you could take the item off without taking the swivels off ?
    Great looking keychain.

  2. Rick, that’s a good idea. I chose to attach the swivel snaps the way that I did because some items are difficult to latch onto, plus, as they are currently configured they could be fastened individually to other things like lines, zippers, button holes, etc.

  3. This is a great idea. Ive seen variations of this with similar items. The only thing i would change is the snap swivels. I use heavy duty 50 lb test plus swivels .

  4. You could probably go into a whole article about what you carry on your key chain, separate from this page; or maybe you already have and I haven’t seen it. I’m planning to put one together with a mini flashlight, Gerber Daily Carry Zip Blade, a paracord lanyard that wraps around a ferro rod, a peanut lighter (http://www.countycomm.com/tipeanutlighter.html) mini compass, mini multitool, and iodine tablets kept in a mimi tube capsule. And thats just the beginning of the useful items you could put on a keychain!

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